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Soldiers Inc.- Online military strategy game by Plarium

It’s 2019. You and your mercenaries have been recruited to claim as much of Zandia as possible. Foreign powers, multinational companies and shadowy underground criminal organizations are all after the biggest mineral find of the century. Your job is to shut out your competitors, and make your client rich.

You are designated as a Commander within your own base. Your task is to work for a shadowy non-government organization known only as ‘The Syndicate” and its representative, Mr. John Black. Black will guide you through the pitfalls, ups and downs of running a base in Zandia and how you develop depends very much on your strategy. Do you defend constantly from the rival Commanders surrounding you … or do you go on the offensive with all-out attack? The choice is yours!

Your aim is to gather as many troops as possible as you collect and earn a massive modern and hard-hitting strike force for overall domination of your battle-space. You will need technology and resources as you hire and train crack troops from all over the world. To maintain his cutting edge, you are going to need friends, and the only place to get these in Zandia is within a Combine.
Enter the Combine and it’s hierarchy to gain power and strength in numbers as you attempt to control mines and key locations in your pursuit of dominating Zandia.

Welcome to the future War … a war of business!