Use Upgrade Designs To Unlock Special Bonuses! SYNDICATE HIGH PRIORITY TRANSMISSION Thanks to technological breakthroughs by Syndicate R&D, many of the Buildings in your Base can now be upgraded even further, and select Read More

Drone Derby

Show Off Your UCAV Skills And Win Big! SYNDICATE HIGH PRIORITY TRANSMISSION Attention, Commander! The Drone Derby Tournament is on! We’ll see who can handle their UCAV best… This Tournament is all about Read More

Combine Achievements

Prove Your Dominance And Conquer Zandia! SYNDICATE SECURE TRANSMISSION Commanders! New Combine Achievements are up for grabs! Work together with your fellow Combine Members to annihilate the competition and receive huge Rewards! Two Read More

Plarium Anniversary

SYNDICATE HIGH PRIORITY MESSAGE Commander! This June Plarium is celebrating its 7th Anniversary! To mark Plarium’s #SevenYearsStrong, the Syndicate is giving all Commanders the opportunity to participate in special Tournaments! Unlike other Tournaments, Read More

SINC Repository Gatherer

Gain An Advantage At Repositories! SYNDICATE TOP SECRET MESSAGE Commanders! The Syndicate has approved the use of a new Item! Using it will make dominating the Zandia’s Repositories easier than ever before! Here’s Read More

Soldiers Inc. Upgrade Designs

Put your Combat Engineers to Work!  Upgrade Your Buildings to Even Higher Levels! SYNDICATE TOP SECRET MESSAGE Commander! The Syndicate has recently taken delivery of a new Resource – Upgrade Designs! Now you Read More

The Base Defense

SYNDICATE HIGH PRIORITY MESSAGE Commander! The Syndicate has released a new Item to make your mission for control over Zandia easier than ever before! Take a look! The Base Defense: this Item temporarily Read More

Soldiers Inc Decoy Army and Experience Booster

SYNDICATE SECURE TRANSMISSION Commander! The Syndicate’s engineering department has released a new series of handy Items! Take a look! – Decoy Army: With this Item, your enemy’s Recon Reports will show twice as Read More