At ease! As a new player you’ll be guided by your contact in the Syndicate, a certain Mr. Black, in a series of tutorial missions. These missions will teach you what you need to succeed in Soldiers Inc®, including resource production and management, what different buildings do and how to build them, and how to build and effectively deploy your army. Better still, doing these tutorial missions will earn you rewards of troops and Diamonds!

What is Soldiers Inc?

Soldiers Inc® is a highly competitive Massively Multiplayer Real Time Strategy Game set in the near future in the war-torn republic of Zandia. Here, the legitimate government is in turmoil and foreign mercenaries run rampant, as private military corporations seek to plunder Zandia’s natural resources on behalf of various shady clients. You play as one of the many mercenary Commanders seeking to dominate the battlefield. You’ll build and expand your own forward operating base, recruit an army equipped with top-of-the-line military gear, attack other players and defend your outpost against all comers.

What kind of hardware do I need for this op?

All you need to start playing Soldiers Inc® is an Internet browser equipped with the latest version of Flash. Simply create an account on Plarium.com and start playing!

How should I budget for this war?

Soldiers Inc® is free to play! You don’t have to pay anything to create an account and start playing, but you can spend money to give yourself various advantages. You can buy Diamonds, which can be used in-game for a variety of benefits: You can boost your resource production by 25% for 3 days, boost the speed at which you build buildings, research Technologies, and produce troops, buy Perimeter constructions and Improvements, expand your Base, and produce superior Strategic Units. You can earn Diamonds without spending money by completing various in-game tasks, but if you want a quick leg-up you can buy them at the Black Market.

How can I use Diamonds?

Diamonds are a special Resource you can either collect as a reward for completing missions, or purchase for yourself. Once you have enough, you can use Diamonds to gain extra advantages in the game. For example, you can boost your Resource production, building construction, or your Unit training speeds. If you lack Resources, or need a specific Referral, you can use Diamonds to purchase them. They can also be used to get other items, like Base Layouts or Improvements.

Additional Diamonds can always be purchased at the Bank by selecting the ‘Bank’ button in the top right-hand corner of the screen. You can get free Diamonds in several ways – completing in-game tasks, leveling up, playing the game 5 days in a row, placing in the top Ranking positions, or completing Achievements.

When can I attack other Bases?

Technically, you can start attacking other Bases the minute you train your first offensive Unit. However, you might want to wait until you develop both your offensive and defensive capabilities. You’ll need more offensive power, as attacking with only one Unit isn’t all that effective, and you’ll also want to boost your own Base’s defense, as retaliation is inevitable.

Users under level 30 and who have been in Zandia for less than 3 days are placed under “new player protection”. These protected players can attack other protected Bases, while remaining completely safe from attacks by experienced players. High-level players cannot attack protected Bases unless the protected player attacks them first. Any new player that attacks a player who has been in-game for over 3 days or is over level 30 will LOSE THEIR PROTECTED STATUS! If two users initiate a conflict with each other while both were under “new player protection”, the conflict will continue regardless of the users’ future relative levels or time in-game – that is, if one of the players reaches level 31, they will still be able to attack their enemy, even if that enemy is still under new player protection.

Can I cancel an attack/construction/negotiation/upgrade?

Of course. You can cancel any of these actions within 50 seconds of initiating them. Just press the “X” icon in the top-right corner of the construction or tracking panel. However, bear in mind that you will only recover 80% of the Resources you invested into the action, so it’s better to plan ahead and build with certainty.
I killed all enemy Units, but lost the battle. Why?

That’s because you didn’t actually kill all enemy Units. You see, the Battle Report only shows you the enemy Units you have defeated, not the total number of enemy forces garrisoned in a Base or other location. To get the full picture you should dispatch Drones to scout the Base before an attack. A successful Intel Report will show you the exact number of Units, and you should plan your attack accordingly.

How can I restart the game from the beginning?

You can’t. In Soldiers Inc.™, much like in real life, there are no do-overs. Since there are no dead ends in the game, there’s no need to start over from scratch. Even if you make mistakes at the beginning, you will learn from them and eventually catch up to your enemies – or even surpass them. Follow the tutorial tasks until you gain your foothold, and take advantage of the 3 days protection to establish your Base, defenses and Resource production.

If you else fails, and you feel you absolutely need to start from the beginning, you can switch to a different server and start a new Base there. But remember – one person registering multiple accounts on a single server violates Plarium’s multi-account policies and may result in restricted game access or a ban.

Where can I go for more intel?

If you want more specific information and game tips, visit our strategy games tips section  and see if we’ve got the information you’re looking for. You can also consult the Soldiers Inc forum. Here you’ll find more answers and advice, as well as a dedicated community of game fanatics ready to help you with the game and help you find allies and Combines. Finally, if you still need help and want to talk to a Plarium representative, try our Support page.

Good luck!