Soldiers Inc.™ is a Massively Multiplayer Online Real-time Strategy title. It requires players to interact with each other if they want to dominate. You are a Commander, designated by a shadowy non-governmental organization to lead an army of the world’s toughest mercenaries. It is your duty to turn your small Base into the headquarters of a military giant, and train your soldiers to face off against the vicious enemies that wait for them on the frontlines.

To remain one step ahead of your rivals, you must negotiate Contracts with other companies to unlock more strategic capabilities. Each new Contract will open different technologies and warfare tactics for you to use in combat or when reinforcing your Base. It could be a new type of Unit, a new construction option for your Base, or a bonus to your Resource production. Keep renegotiating and upgrading your Contracts, and you’ll be a top player in no time.

However, you cannot keep fighting alone. As an MMORTS, Soldiers Inc.™ encourages players to fight shoulder to shoulder by forming Alliances and Combines to attack and defend stronger positions together. As part of a Combine, you’ll be able to hold hotly contested sites like Mining Complexes and expand your territory tenfold.

Channel Your Inner Army General

Soldiers Inc.™ is not just an MMO – it’s an online strategy game, meaning you’ll have to embrace your inner general if you hope to rise to the top. True, you can always rely on brute force and sheer numbers, but other Commanders will pick up on your lack of strategy quickly, and will use it against you. To secure an iron grip on Zandia’s minerals, you’ll need to master many different tactics, and even come up with some of your own. A great Commander learns from his victories, but also from every sore defeat. Remember – as long as you step away a better player, you never really lose.

But fighting isn’t the only way to get ahead in Soldiers Inc.™ You can strengthen your Base and expand your influence by accumulating Resources and becoming a trading baron who can offer their services to a powerful Combine. Decide how you’re going to play the game, whether it’s as a war-mongering Commander or a defensive gatekeeper, and plan your strategies accordingly. Only by playing cleverly and resourcefully will Zandia be yours for the taking.

Enlist in a Combine Today

To maintain your hold over your territory, you are going to need friends, and the only place to get these in Zandia is by joining a Combine. Visit other players at their Bases using the map, your Command HQ or a multitude of other diplomacy and warfare options. Whether you are trading Resources, making treaties with other players, planning joint attacks with your Combine, or just shooting your mouth off in the chat, there are plenty of ways to make both friends and enemies.

As part of a Combine, or a more restricted Alliance, you’ll always have someone to turn to when the going gets tough. Together, you can attack heavily guarded locations, and stand back-to-back against massive counterattacks. Only through Combine attacks can player capture and hold Mining Complexes – heavily fortified locations rich with Resources. Controlling them is key to gain more influence and power in Soldiers Inc.™

Now that you understand the basics of playing Soldiers Inc.™, you are ready to enter the most lucrative business there is – war! Play Today!