Welcome to Zandia, a country filled with untapped potential and ever-lasting conflict. The Syndicate, a powerful private military organization, is in a constant war with the Zheng Shi Holding Group sent by an international consortium to lay claim to the region’s rich natural resources.

As a Commander under contract with The Syndicate, it’s up to you to take down ZHG operations in the area and fight to claim as much territory as possible. Your very life might depend on it.

With the guidance of the shady Mr. Black, you will construct your Base and establish a permanent foothold in Zandia. Step into the war room and send your soldiers all across the country to sow fear in the hearts of the rival troops. However, military might alone is not enough to wipe out the competition. You will have to rely on diplomacy and alliances if you hope to someday leave Zandia in one piece.

In the dog-eat-dog world of Soldiers Inc.™, knowing when to shoot and when to ask questions is the key to a swift victory.

Develop Your Strategy Skills

To gain full control of Zandia and its vast resources, a Commander needs to develop their Base, expand their influence and answer the call of duty. Before you can even think about going to war, you need to construct impenetrable defenses, recruit a vicious army of mercenaries and harvest any and all Resources you can. Your Syndicate liaison, John Black, will guide you through the pitfalls and the ups and downs of running a military base in Zandia. How you develop from there depends very much on your strategy.

When engaging in the military campaigns of Soldiers Inc.™,you will face many adversaries and rogue agents plotting against you. Other companies and armies, including the ruthless ZHG, will try to tear your Base down and send you packing with your tail between your legs. Keep your armory full and the frontlines fortified, and crush all resistance in relentless PVE combat. The more you progress through the campaign, the bigger the bad guys become, and so do the rewards.

Once you prove yourself a capable Commander, you will be ready to face other players in strategic PVP combat. Stand against them on the battlefields of Zandia, and fight them for their territory. Attack their Bases to commandeer more Resources, or Occupy them for a constant stream of Fuel, Munitions or Rations. Master PVP strategies, and you’ll soon be the richest Commander in Zandia.

Assemble Combines With Friends and Allies

Charging head-first into battle against every player that crosses your way is not the path to success. Some players can even be friendly, and might prove to be worthwhile allies. Diplomacy and trade can be just as effective in ending a conflict as a warhead, and they are definitely more profitable in some cases. Join other players and assemble powerful Combines. These will allow you to coordinate joint attacks against rival armies and Combines, and take control of multiple Mining Complexes.

Combines are the only force strong enough to shape the future of Zandia. With unrivaled leadership skills and the firepower to back you up, you will spread your influence and territory across the land and reap all of its rewards.

Experience the brutal highs of modern warfare in Soldiers Inc.™ today!