It seems ZHG is doing a bit of back-patting at our expense. Apparently, many Commanders are hiding behind their Associates and not actively participating during Combine Tournaments. This is bad for our bottom line. The Syndicate is taking measures to ensure we don’t give ZHG anything to congratulate themselves over again.Location Tournament

Now, to share in your Combine’s success and receive Rewards, you have to personally earn at least 100 Tournament Points during Combine Tournaments. No more slackers unwilling to contribute in order to spare their troops!

One more thing, Commander. Try as you might, sometimes the army and tactics you employ are weaker than ZHG’s. This can cost you troops and morale. The good news is that from this day on, you will get Tournament Points even if you lose a battle at a Location! All you have to do is destroy ZHG troops! The more you eliminate, the more Points you’ll get!

Participate in Combine Tournaments, earn at least 100 Tournament Points, and be handsomely rewarded!