Pay attention to the new AVP Strategic Units.

AVP new event

There are three Strategic Units introduced as part of the AVP/SINC crossover campaign. They are more versatile than any prior Strategic Units, as they boost both the Offensive and Defensive combat statistics of Units that accompany them.

The Xenomorph Queen is more than twice the size of her servants, and endowed with an extra pair of limbs. She is able to control lower Xenomorphs telepathically, and her proximity seems to kick the Aliens into altruistic overdrive – they fight with markedly increased aggression and a total disregard for their own survival.

The Xenomorph Queen increases the Offensive and Defensive combat statistics of any lower Xenomorphs fighting alongside her.

At the top of the Predator hierarchy, the Yautja Ancient is a veteran of countless hunts, and obeyed unequivocally by all Yautja of lower castes. The Yautja Ancient increases the Offensive and Defensive combat statistics of any lower Yautja fighting alongside it.

The Predalien is a monstrous hybrid of the two extraterrestrial species – the result of a Xenomorph erupting from a Yautja host. It increases the Offensive and Defensive combat statistics of both Xenomorph and Yautja Units fighting alongside it.

Like all the other AVP Units, they cannot be revived if lost in combat.

These Strategic Units cannot be trained or cloned in your Base. The only ways to obtain them are:
as part of AVP Super packs, or by purchasing the Strategic Units individually at the Black Market for Diamonds.

Be advised: While these Units are “Universal” (meaning that they boost both Offensive and Defensive combat statistics), at Excavation Sites, Queens and Ancients will act Defensively while the Predalien will behave offensively. This means that Queens and Ancients will stay and protect the Site, while the Predalien will automatically return after the battle to capture it.