The Syndicate’s engineering department has released a new series of handy Items!

Check these out:

Offense and Defense Enhancers

If you’re having trouble beating a pesky enemy, and it seems like your Troops are just not quite strong enough, the Syndicate has the solution for you! Use Offense and Defense Enhancers to temporarily improve the combat statistics of all your Troops! Once these Items have been applied, keep an eye on them at the “My Items” window in the lower left corner of your screen.

New Items

Location Detector

This Item performs a thorough sweep of the surrounding desert, allowing you to detect new Locations that might otherwise have been missed by your Radar! If you’ve cleared out all your Locations for the day, just use this Item to discover 5 more Offensive and 5 more Defensive ones! Be advised: This is a single-use Item and it can be applied once daily. The following day, your Radar will detect the standard number of Locations.

You can get all these Items at the Black Market (report to the “Special” section of the “Misc” tab).

Stay tuned – our engineers are working day and night to bring you the latest and greatest advances in military tech, so more innovative Zandian survival gear is sure to be available soon!