Attention, Commanders!

12196035_917981184957333_31386886985738469_nThis notice is to remind you that in a few days, on February 9th, our contract with Weyland Industries will end.

As a precautionary containment measure, we will destroy the temple complex presumed to be the source of all extraterrestrial activity in Zandia. Following the demolition, Weyland will immediately end their research here and cease all Zandian operations. They will remove their field Laboratory from your Base, and Excavation Sites will be wiped from the map.

Despite the end of our cooperation with Weyland, you are fully authorized to keep all Alien, Predator and Quadcopter Units you’ve already created. They will NOT disappear from your Base, and will survive until taken out in combat (bear in mind that they cannot be revived). Any Units stationed at Excavation Sites at the time of detonation will return to you at your Base immediately.

Wrap up any unfinished business in your labs! It is highly recommended to use any remaining Artifacts you have accumulated to produce as many clones as possible before your lab is removed. You will not be able to use Artifacts for anything after the end of this event.

Get going, Commanders!