Put your Combat Engineers to Work!  Upgrade Your Buildings to Even Higher Levels!



The Syndicate has recently taken delivery of a new Resource – Upgrade Designs!

Now you can maximize your Base’s efficiency, gaining an advantage over your rivals in Zandia! Upgrade Designs can be used to upgrade a wide range of Buildings in your Base, increasing their bonuses and making them even more effective!

After your Buildings have been upgraded to a certain Level, Upgrade Designs can be used to improve them even further! Each new Level brings even greater bonuses!

You can purchase Upgrade Designs from the Black Market, within the “Upgrade Designs” section of the “Resources” tab.

Upgrade Designs can be used to upgrade:

Soldiers Inc. Upgrade Designs– Oil Derricks
– Munitions Factories
– Landing Zones
– Field Kitchens
– Storage Depots
– Commandant’s Office
– Bunker
– Sick Bay
– Logistics Exchange
– Loading Dock
– Maintenance Shop
– Arms Dealer

Check the “Info” tabs on each of the above buildings to see which bonuses you will receive with each Upgrade Level. With so many Buildings to upgrade, your Combat Engineers will have no excuse for idleness!

If you wish to upgrade the Commandant’s Office past Level 20, you must first upgrade the required Buildings in your Base to the required Levels. Only then can you continue upgrading the Commandant’s Office.

Develop your Base further and dominate Zandia!